Minimonkey Twin

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Minimonkey TWIN - einfach und sicher Die Komforttrage für Zwillinge bis 12 Kilo pro Kind.
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Comfortable ? the wide shoulder straps in combination with the waistband divides the weight of the babies over your whole upper body. This makes it surprisingly light to carry.

Suitable for both newborn and older babies (max 12kg each baby).

Ergonomic ? babies can be carried in the M-Position with the neck and back fully supported, comparable to the carrying way of a wrap.

Easy to use ? intuitive to use and not many instructions to follow. After adjusting the carrier in the right size, the babies are placed in the pouches and tightened with a small buckle. You can do this by yourself. The carrier is designed as simple as possible to ensure the product self-explanatory.

Safe ? the waistband prevents the baby from slipping out of the carrier.

This is for all the young parents out there who had to become ?mulitaskers? overnight?